Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Classes

I love my Tuesday classes! I just love them!
When I arrive I am greeted by my sisters in dance waiting to learn and eager to practice. We don our hip scarves, assume our dance posture and we are off. Goddesses each and every one of us ready to touch into the deep femininity and sensuality of who we really are.

I am the goddess as my hips slowly raise up and down, sliding right and left.
I am the Gypsy Queen as my hand turn my goblet over and over in graceful floreos.
As is everyone other woman there.
I wonder where they are in their minds. Do they also dream of their lives as they should be…or could be?
We play with veils, we shimmy and twist and I imagine I am by a fire, in a village far away, dancing with my sisters, my friends. We laugh and joke and try a new move.
…and then the music stops.
We smile shyly at each other and replace our hip-scarves with our day to day garb. Time to resume our lives.
A sweet sadness fills my heart, and I smile again as my hips feel the soreness of their new found freedom.
Next Tuesday will come again very soon.