Sunday, July 13, 2008


It's funny, as I was reading over my 'About Me', I was thinking to myself, 'if only girl.' The truth is, there are moments, even days where I can be all those things that I say I am. I see the good in everyone and everything, including myself. There are days that I feel the absolute joy of every moment. I can ride every wave that comes my way and brace myself through every earthquake. I reach my hand out to every one who needs and my heart beats with deepest compassion for my fellow being.

Then suddenly as if out of the clear blue sky, I find myself in the 'depths of despair'. This is nothing new, a pattern well established early in my life and still running strong. I am not so sure it is something that I will every over come or something that I even need to. Is it just part of my human journey here on this planet? The ups and downs and the ebbs and flows of life happen to most everyone I have ever chatted with.

The truth is, we are all aspiring for something more. That is why I say I am an aspiring wise woman. I aspire for all this and more. I imagine you do too.

With that, I welcome you, whoever you are. You have stumbled into my world and you are welcome to visit as many times and for as long as you like. This is my cyber swing, my virtual garden, my keyboard kitchen where I can visit with you. I will probably share a little of everything in my life and you will find that it is an amalgamation of a life that has been well filled with it's fair share of joys and sorrows.

Probably alot like yours.