Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gas prices up...stress driving down

I never liked driving. Not since the day I got my license oh, so many years ago. It was always a source of stress for me. Lots of cars rushing, along with me rushing always meant pressure rising. Getting in the car meant I had to be someplace at some time and I was probably running late. Not to mention the financial stress incurred by having to put gas in the car to drive.

As the gas prices have risen, it is ironic to me that my stress during driving has lowered. In an effort to conserve my gasoline usage, I have started slowing down. I am religiously driving the speed limit and I do not seem to be in as much of a hurry anymore. I am not speeding from one stop sign to the next and I am actually enjoying driving which is something completely new. I am no longer angry anymore and wondering what shade of green the person in front of me is waiting for at the red light because she did not gun her gas the nano second that the light turned green. Perhaps this is because I have become more conservative and gentle in my own pressing of the gas pedal.

The rising cost of gasoline has helped me to become much more relaxed and even zen-like in my driving. I ease on the gas pedal. I ease off the gas and ease to a stop. I drive the speed limit and allow those who haven't come to the light to pass me by. It's OK, they'll eventually figure it out, or not. For me, I am in the moment. I am driving peacefully. I now enjoy being behind the wheel.

And strangely enough, this seems to be helping ease the stress at the pump for me a bit.