Friday, January 23, 2009

The Broken Vase

As I look before me, I see the shards of a once beautiful vase.
Who could have left it in such disarray I wonder to myself?
I carefully look closer and see that it was once a stunning vessel of Light, multifaceted and tall.
Once upon a time it held regal long stemmed roses, at times beautiful wild flowers, and other times even a bouquet of dandelions eagerly given by small chubby fingers.
It seems that it had been broken several times before and glued back together. Although not perfect it still had a purpose. Perhaps it could not hold as much as it had once but it was a useful vessel nonetheless. But this time, the break was too much. Repair upon repair had made it weak and there was nothing left to do but to throw it out.
Throw it out? Such a waste, I thought to myself. Throw it out?? Is there not something that can be done, some way to save a piece, a remnant? As I bend down to tenderly gather the pieces I am careful to find each one. I hold them together and realize what I must do. They must be completely broken, crushed to dust and then recreated, reborn into a useful vessel once again. After the long and careful process I gaze upon the vase, and what I see surprises me. It is not the same vessel it once was, it is stronger and more useful.
I hold it up and gaze once more upon it's beauty. Once again it holds Light and wildflowers, roses and dandelions. It is tall and proud once more.
Looking deeper at it I see a reflection and it smiles weakly. The reflection of Light and of me shine back and we are whole.