Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creativity and Colored Pencils

This past Monday I was off of work, (thanks to the remembrance of deceased Presidents), so my youngest daughter and I scampered off to B&N to look at books and have a coffee. While I was perusing all the stacks of books I wandered into the New Age section and found the '09 Llewellyn's Magical Almanac. It is much like the Farmer's Almanac but with a twist, if you will. I bought one several years ago and remembered I enjoyed the stories and other information in there, so I decided to purchase this year's with the hope of finding some inspiration or at least diversion. After peeking through it a bit I happened upon the last article titled, "Be Magical". I really enjoyed reading this piece very much. The author made an acronym out of the words, Be Magical, using each letter as a daily reminder and encouragement. I was inspired by the words and decided to make my own illustration of the words in the book and create a reminder of my own out of it. Here is my creation using my favorite drawing medium, fine tipped marker and colored pencils!