Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Medicine Woman Course

After about a year of thought and searching I have finally decided to enroll in the Anima Center's Medicine Woman course. I am quiet excited and nervous about it. I have always desired to be a Wise Woman and according to Susun Weed, all women seem to have this "invisible thread of the Wise Woman Tradition" running through them. Like many before me, most of what I did was self educated. The only things I have had formal training and certification in is Usui Reiki, Level 2 and being a Doula, through CAPPA. The rest of my knowledge in healing, herbs, reflexology, crystals and oils, etc., has all been through my own reading, talking to others and experimentation. To be quite honest I suppose that is how it is done, through talking to others, particularly women and especially the grandmothers. But I also wanted some guidance and mentoring and believe this course is the answer for me.

I have many hopes concerning this journey. I hope to heal myself, to release that which constantly tried to bind me and embrace that which frees me. I hope to become more whole and more authentic to my own nature. I hope to help others to also accomplish this. I hope to learn how to bring this learning and teaching to the city to help others. I hope to learn more about the plant allies I have growing right here where I live. I hope to help my own family and I hope to do more to help the folks around me. I hope to be an influence on all around me to stop and open their eyes to the magic that is around them. I hope to open my own eyes and see it too.