Saturday, March 7, 2009

Escaping with a Book

The past year I have been reading more fantasy type novels. This is not my usual habit, but considering the way I have been feeling it is good to escape now and again with a book. I have just finished a lovely and well written book by Juliet Marillier titled Wildwood Dancing. It a fairy tale of a young girl named Jena and her four sisters. Her best friend and confident is an enchanted frog that perches on her shoulder most of the time. Her most joyous time is during Full Moon when she and her sisters travel through their secret portal to the Other World for the monthly Ball. Although a well meaning young lady, she must learn that she cannot and should not control everything and everyone. When her ill father leaves their home to avoid the harsh winter, Jenica feels the full brunt. She is not the oldest but very much assumes the role of the oldest daughter feeling responsible for her sisters and the household. The story though is far deeper than the young ladies escapes into Other World and has many things are not as they appear. Ms. Marillier delves deeply into Jenica's struggles and wonderfully shows her growth. Of course there is a Witch, various magical creatures and the 'bad' guy. Although this book is geared to young adults I would recommend this book to all.