Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding My Passion

In lieu of my previous post, I have tried to be proactive and consistent in my search for my passion(s). Since I truly believe my call is to be a Medicine Woman/Healer/Village Wise Woman it only makes sense to do the work that is needed to be the best I can be and hone my skills.

I have begun to immerse myself in my learning. I am searching out and thinking of creating a ritual to help facilitate my learning. Perhaps, facilitate is not the right word, maybe I am actually simply trying to make it a meaningful habit. After all is that not what ritual is? A habit, a ceremony that is repeated and has meaning for those involved.

First and foremost I am setting aside a consistent time each day to do my very important Medicine Woman Mentorship. As I am only on lesson three, the work involved has more to do with me than learning about plants and herbs. Obviously, this is not the 'fun' stuff, but to be sure it is the needful stuff. It is what is helping me to wake up, focus and become aware. I am beginning to change my paradigm and open my eyes, particularly to my own healing and medicine. Along with this, the coursework is helping me to create my own discipline and beneficial ritual in my life and to define and refine my dreams and passions.

I am also learning about commitment and what this word truly means to me. One aspect of commitment that I have been thinking about lately is the commitment to the work and life I desire and to be committed to the care of the planet and its inhabitants. Upon looking at this sentence it would appear entirely too daunting for any one human being to undertake. But that, I am beginning to realize, is not what the commitment is demanding. Healing the world, for me, is beginning in this small way that I am. Small, slow steps. Steps that are ever taking me forward. Steps that are beginning with my own healing and discovery.

"Physician heal thyself". And what of this? Does this mean I have to be 'perfect' and healed before I begin the work that is necessary. No indeed, I do not think so, for if this was the case, than no work would ever be done. This work is what will bring my continual healing and growth. This necessitates not ignoring my own pain or denying it in a codependent way. It urges me to seek out the medicine I need. So seek I shall.