Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Dream Name?

As I was waking this morning, I was dreaming, or at least I was in a dream like state. Right before I opened my eyes, I saw the words "Solace Moonwalker", written just like that. It kind of looks like a name now that I read it. It was large and written on what looked like parchment paper, but not written in calligraphy. Perhaps typed, not sure about that detail. I am pretty good at interpreting dreams but have some difficulty with my own and this one has me stumped. I did try to look it up on the internet and all I could find were definitions.

Solace: n
1. Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress; consolation.
2. A source of comfort or consolation.
tr.v. sol·aced, sol·ac·ing, sol·ac·es
1. To comfort, cheer, or console, as in trouble or sorrow.
2. To allay or assuage.

Moonwalk(er): n
A walk on the surface of the moon by an astronaut.
intr.v. moon·walked, moon·walk·ing, moon·walks
To walk on the surface of the moon.

I also found references to Michael Jackson and a 007 movie, but I am pretty sure there is no help in those. I was wondering if any of you folks could offer any insight or a direction to begin searching? It would be so appreciated.