Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Setting Intentions for the New Month

This past Shabbat/Saturday was the New Moon. This is always an auspicious time to start things. As the moon grows in beauty and power our intent set under the Dark Moon grows too. This past particular moon was very auspicious since the moon itself in in Aquarius. An Aquarius moon is a time a great rebellious energy. A time to break habits and to realize personal freedom and individuality. As of this morning at 1:17AM the moon has entered Pisces. During this time the focus is on dreaming, nostalgia, intuition and psychic impressions. This is a good time for spiritual and philanthropic endeavors.* (A good time to help out the People of Haiti)By this weekend the moon will have entered Taurus and be half way full. Under a Taurus Moon intentions have great sticking power and are hard to break. So this is a good week to start a habit and really focus on your intention(s).

Along with the New Moon we began the Hebrew month of Sh'vat. We are in the sign of D'li already, (the sun will be entering the sign of Aquarius at 11:28 tonight). D'li, which means bucket or pail, is associated with the tribe of Asher and Olives, the oil in particular. It is a strange combination this water and oil of the month. Nonetheless, this is a particularly auspicious time of learning and chiddushim (discovering new insight). It is said that all the "chiddushim that a person will develop in the course of a year will be presented to him from Heaven during this month of Sh'vat." The water of D'li is the learning that we do and the oil of Asher is the wisdom that we derive from that learning. It rises to the top!