Sunday, February 7, 2010

And now entering the ring...Discouragement!

Many times I feel much like a boxer in the ring. Among my many opponents, one of the most persistent is Discouragement. Strange thing about him is he isn't such a strong adversary. What he lacks in strength he makes up for in determination and skill. No he is not so tough, he is just very quick and very keen on knowing my weak parts. Oh yeah, he knows them well. Many times I could very easily be winning the battle, taking him down, going blow for blow and just when I am sure the ten count is about to pronounce me the champion, zip, up he bounds to his feet and gives me the ole 1-2 in one of my sensitive spots. Most of the time it's my ego or some other thing that will send me into a tail spin of paralyzing self pity.

He did it to me today, just now. He hit me in my spot and there I went, right down on the mat. I lay there just stunned. Better for me not to get up, to just lay here. What's the use anyway?! I can't beat him. I'll never see my dreams fulfilled. It' all too much for me. I'll never live up to my true potential fulfilling my role and mission in life. What's the point.


What's that??? Who said that??


I look over incredulously at the guy yelling at me. He looks like a biker dude that could easily kick my ass himself. He is flanked on either side by an older woman who is simply gazing in my direction and a little girl who looks a bit concerned but not worried.

I try to give him my reasons, er...excuses as to why I cannot get up, why I cannot fight. But the words will not come out. I look at the three of them and I regain my strength. I look inward to myself and I see the fire beginning to blaze again.

I realize now that is the key. Do not let the fire go out girl! Do not let the fire go out no matter what happens.

I get up, take a step forward and I prepare to fight.

:::DING DING DING:::: Round Two