Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asherah, Gold Fish, Snakes, and Trees

This is an interesting dream I had this morning. It is very interesting particularly because I had a rather violent dream the day before. Any insight?

I dreamt I was at some kind of social function. You had to name a goddess to gain entrance. I was standing there and there was a lady who was trying to get in . I said "Asherah" as if I was willing her to say the name. She had a huge umbrella and she named some kind of supposed Ethiopian goddess. I said she made that up. (Not sure why that mattered to me in my dream) Then I wandered off (BTW I was dressed as me now) and found my youngest sister filling bubble bottles, the kind they use for
receptions, and measuring the amount of liquid in them on a scale. She was doing this because there were dead bugs floating on the top and gold fish swimming in the bottles. Her boyfriend asked me to help her and her went in to help her too. I was skimming the bottles of the bugs and noticing the gold fish swimming. I made a joke about how people might enjoy keeping the goldfish. Then one of the gold fish swam out of the bottle on some invisible stream. He was swimming in mid air. I caught him and was afraid he would not be able to breath in the open. But then after I put him back I realized he could not breathe in the bubble mixture. I took the bottle with the goldfish and when I looked in I discover two snakes, one baby cobra and one garter. I found myself in a pet shop with enormous tanks of fish and I put them in. I am not afraid of the snakes and they seem quite happy to be in the tanks. There
are so many fish that I cannot find the goldfish but they are not floating at the top and I assume they are safe.

I wander off and find that there are people getting ready to do some Israeli dancing. I am shy to join them but I sit to chat. They ask who and what I am. I tell them I am religious but I have some trouble believing. I tell them I love being Jewish and I keep everything. What does that mean? they ask me. I tell them shabbat etc. A man says to me, I do the same. I believe him although I note he does not have a kippah on. I try to tell them more, but they keep interrupting me, and talking about their things. All of a sudden someone starts to sing "Shema". It is quite lovely and although I think to myself, they probably should not use Hashem's name like that, I don't say anything because I think they are like children and there love is real. They start to dance and my dance teacher is there. She is supposes to help, but she tells me she is afraid to introduce herself because she may want to shake hands with Gavriel her contact person. I tell her not to worry, Gavriel is not
like that and will shake her hand. I offer to go with her. I need to go to the restroom, but I go with her to offer support. As we walk over my assistant from work shows up and starts chanting, "we cut your tree down, we cut big ugly tree down." and I see that they are about to dance around the remnants of a stump of a huge tree. It is interesting that they left the very bottom of the stump and the floor was built all around it. I get very serious and look at her with dark eyes, but
without confidence, and I say, "I do not need that tree to work my magick" Then I see a HUGE and very OLD, I think Olive tree right outside the door, "I do not need your tree to work my Witch Craft, I can use that tree" and I point to the old tree and I wake up.