Friday, March 5, 2010

Retreat and Dance, Just a Ramble

This weekend I will be away. This is always a challenge for me because being a hyper cancerian, I hate to leave home for overnight, in fact it sends me into a bit of anxiety but I am pushing myself and I am leaving this afternoon to a ladies retreat. It is a bit of a trick for me since I also keep shabbat so I had to work those issues out. I think I have most if not all the details done.
I will welcome the Shabbat Queen myself, lighting candles, singing to the angels and making kiddush on my own. I will then later join the group for the communal activities. At the end of shabbat I will make havdalah on my own, I imagine. I have a friend who will hopefully be staying with me at least part of the time, so if there are any lighting issues she will help me out.

I am looking forward to this retreat. In many ways, judging from my past few posts, I think I need it. ;-)

I am also going to be performing this Sunday with my troupe! This makes it two dancing Sundays in a row with several Sundays in April already booked up for dancing. We are planning to hold auditions for our troupe in May so hopefully we will be growing in numbers very soon.

Well, that's it for now. Off in search of more caffeine!