Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While on a walk yesterday...


The children and I discovered these crocuses.

Tiny and joyous harbingers of the soon arrival of Spring! I asked them to really look at them, tell me the colors they saw, count the petals etc. Then we came across another variety. One of my students pointed out that this one was in the shape of the triangle. Oh my!

What a wonderful discovery, the triquetra here in the crocus. A symbol of The G-ddess, the Divine Feminine exhibited in this tiny flower. While snow still lies on the ground, She reminds me She is here. No matter how cold I may feel, how hallow, how alone, She is here. She sends us tiny reminders to encourage me, to light my way.


Child one: How do you ask permission of the plants? They can't talk.

Me: Actually they do, you just have to be quiet enough to listen.

Child two: They always say yes!

Me: Well, I suppose in many ways, they do not have a choice. But as long as we are always respectful and ask, don't take too much and are trying to learn about them perhaps they don't mind.

The hidden world, looking inside we find...

The beauty and...

the abundant fruits of who we truly are.