Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Blessings of Lady Moon

Well, as I suppose you can surmise from the precious entry, I am going through a painful time in my life, a very dark night of the soul indeed. There are big changes and shifts occurring and I am trying to handle them with as much grace and strength as possible. I am in desperate need of a good cry and of time in the land, not necessarily in that order. To give you an idea of how bad it is, I have neglected that which I love so dearly, my beloved plants, my art, and my studies. Little by little I am trying to keep my self from being swallowed up into the mire of despair. Strangely enough, what has happened would have to viewed as necessary and good, but even though it may be good, it is most painful. I have been writing throughout all of this, and have returned here to my blog to touch base, so to speak. I finally wrote to my beloved teacher, Kiva, who as always, is most loving and encouraging. She reminded me that this pain is part of my journey, the journey of a Medicine Woman.

Last night, I took my beloved black lab for a walk. I looked up for Lady Moon, and there she was, almost full. It was a very clear night and she was most beautiful in her silvery splendor. I became mesmerized for a moment and could not move. I perceived her smile and continued my walk. I paused and tried to remember a blessing from the siddur (Jewish prayerbook), and since I could not, I offered my own. Blessed are You... I thanked the Holy One for the blessing of the Moon, for the comfort she gave me.

I finally slept well last night and I still feel that comfort today. With all my feelings, I am increasingly aware of the blessing of peace and calm. This moment in time is most precious to me. I have a goal to go tend to my beloved plants, in my tending to them, they will tend to me.