Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve and Recommitment

New Year's eve was ever so quiet this year. This is not normally how I like to bring in the secular new year, but since it fell out on Shabbat I chose to honor that above the entrance of 2011.

It turned out to be an okay beginning. After a simple fish and vegetable dinner, I cuddled up with a couple of magazines and a new Charles deLint book, Medicine Road. I have found I am quite a fan of Urban Fantasy and Charles deLint has become my favorite author. Sleep tried to take me in but I was at least eager to great 2011 so I managed to stay up. This year seemed noisier that most because when the clock finally struck 12:00 AM, a cacophony of clanging pans, firecrackers and fireworks ensued. I greeted my next door neighbors and simply stood in my doorway taking in all the delightful pops, cracks and clangs! I had to smile as it reminded me of my childhood and New Year's eves I remember with my mother. She was a huge fan of pot clanging and so, I am too.

As my looked into the dark night I also whispered prayers for my children and family. For friends near and far and even for myself. New Year, new beginning. Always.

It is what it is all about after all. The date is after just a point in time, and we surely have many of those points in time. There are many new years, at least in Judaism there are four. Along with that we have each month, rosh chodesh where we can begin again. Then there is each week, each day, in fact every hour or minute we can being again.

So, since I like this idea of the New Year, clean slate and new beginnings, I've decided to best use it and recommit to myself. I chose to be true to myself, my beliefs, my creativity, my music and my art.

I found this poem entitled "To be a Witch" by an anonymous author. I decided to personalize it for myself.

To be me is to be loved and to love.
To be me is to know everything and nothing at all.
To be me is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be me is to change the world around me and myself.
To be me is to share and give while receiving all the while.
To be me is to dance and since and hold hands with the Universe.
To be me is to honor the Divine and myself.
To be me is to Be Magick and not just perform it.
To be me is to be honorable or nothing at all.
To be me is to accept others who are different.
To be me is to know what I feel is right and good.
To be me is to harm none.
To be me is to know and honor the ways of old.
To be me is to see beyond the barriers.
To be me is to follow the moon.
To be me is to be one with the Divine.
To be me is to study and to learn.
To be me is to be the teacher and the student.
To be me is to acknowledge the truth.
To be me is to live with the earth and it's seasons and not just on it.
To be me is to be truly free!!