Thursday, May 15, 2014

Full Moon Ritual

Writing down words.
Writing down words that spill forth from my pen.
Writing down words that spill forth from my soul.
Writing down words that spill forth from my soul as thoughts spill forth from my mind,
as feelings spill forth from my heart,
as blood spills forth from my body.
Writing down words to capture them on paper as memories escape from my soul.
Memories that have kept me in chains, hand cuffed to who I thought I was.
To who I thought, I was.
I was.
A Victim!
A Victim?
A victim to myself and my memories.
A victim to my thoughts that whirled
around and around as dervishes spinning and spinning,
catching me in their endless round and round here we go again
Writing down words.
To capture them
and then burn them.
Burn them.
Burn them until the paper is consumed.
Burning fire edges catching,
burning fire rising,
Until burning out,
Until embers,
Embers forming,
Relighting over and over.
I want none of it!
Burn thoughts!
This is your pyre!
I shall not burn with you
I am not espoused to you.
I shall not be imprisoned by you.
I shall not.
I will not.
I am not.
Burning paper
Burning words until finally,
Ashes form
As the wind takes them away
And looking down I see
My chains no more
I am free.
I am.