Sunday, December 7, 2014

Full Moon Blessings

The days leading up to the full moon last week were intense to be sure, but with the crest of her fullness past us I am feeling the blessing of having endured the feelings and the release that came with them. Now, I am truly looking forward to the blessing of work that is ahead of me.

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Year and a Day

I have decided to begin a Year and a Day study which I began yesterday. I am using the book Wicca: A Year and a Day. No, I am not converting, but having looked over the book I think it will add to my practice and increase my knowledge and add to my personal spirituality. I am excited to begin this and share it with you all. Not excited in my usual "OHWOWLOOKWHATIFOUND!" sort of way. More like the excitement the accompanies any new adventure or journey, if you will. I am committing myself to this year and a day study to help me draw closer and deeper into my Path. To learn more about my magic(k) and my power. I am doing this to become "a person of magical power, one who embraces the entire array of life's face each moment of life unflinchingly." So here's to the beginning, a year and a day. May the cauldron stir smoothly and may it be rich and sweet!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Crossroads

Here I am, standing at the crossroads yet once again.
"You've been here many times before.", the Lady informs me.
Of this I am sure. This is the one thing I know.
"What is your desire?" She asks.
"To know which path to take."
"They are all true." She replies.
I stand and look. There are paths to take, but which one is right? Which one will cause no pain?
She reads my thoughts and responds, "The one that is right is the one that you choose, and choose you must. The one you choose is right. The one you choose is best. But no pain? Woman, you were conceived in pain, but your mother rejoiced! You were birthed in pain, but she held you to her bosom in ecstasy. No, pain there will be, but joy will come."
"I'm afraid."
"Of course you are. That is why I am here to light your way."
"Will You go with me?"
She looks at me and half smiles. Her dogs stand up, already knowing Her answer as she lifts her torch high.
"Let's go."

This was the culmination of hours and pages of writing 8.20.12  So many questions I asked, so many troubles I poured out and then I felt myself writing this story as I watched it unfold before my eyes. I share this with you here because once again, I find myself at the crossroads but I can't help but wonder how patient the Lady will be with me or if she is still willing to guide.