Friday, December 5, 2014

A Year and a Day

I have decided to begin a Year and a Day study which I began yesterday. I am using the book Wicca: A Year and a Day. No, I am not converting, but having looked over the book I think it will add to my practice and increase my knowledge and add to my personal spirituality. I am excited to begin this and share it with you all. Not excited in my usual "OHWOWLOOKWHATIFOUND!" sort of way. More like the excitement the accompanies any new adventure or journey, if you will. I am committing myself to this year and a day study to help me draw closer and deeper into my Path. To learn more about my magic(k) and my power. I am doing this to become "a person of magical power, one who embraces the entire array of life's face each moment of life unflinchingly." So here's to the beginning, a year and a day. May the cauldron stir smoothly and may it be rich and sweet!